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What is Fish Tank Lab

Don't worry, this is not another of those aquarium simulation apps site! Fish Tank Lab builds web and mobile apps that help real aquariophiles to maintain their tanks at their best.

What you find here

Fish Tank Lab offers a FREE system to help real aquariophile maintain their tanks. With Fish Tank Lab you can log all aquarium events, like new fish adding, new borns or any other event you like.
You can set alarms for event you can't miss, like water changing, filter maintenance, lamp tubes replacing, and so on.
You can record water tests and compare them with reference values.

It can run on any web browser and on a number of different mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android phones. Start here

Fish Tank Lab offers a FREE reference database about fish and plants most commonly found in home aquariums.
Database is maintained in collabiration with the following Italian non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting informed fish keeping:

For each organism we collected main biological data and a short description with suggestions about the best way to keep it. The database is freely available here.

We also created a set of QRCodes linked to mobile version of the organisms data to allow aquarium stores to offer more info to their customers.

We also publish mobile Apps for your smartphone or tablet, you can download here.

Fish Tank Lab


Fish Tank Lab