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Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus

Coral hawkfish

Basic Info

Scientific Name: Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus (Cirrhites oxycephalus, Cirrhitychthys oxycephalus, Cirritichthys oxycephalus, Cirrhites grandimaculatus, Cirrhites murrayi, Cirrhitichthys corallicola , )
Type: Salt water fish
Family: Cirrhitidae
Origin zone: Indo-Pacific
Origin: Mar Rosso e Indo-Pacifico, dal Sud Africa sino alle Isole Galapagos.
Max length: 10 cm
Tank minimum length: 70 cm
Tank minimum volume: 100 lit
Temperature: 24 - 28 C
pH: 8.1 - 8.4
kH: 6 - 10
Density: 1020 - 1025
Water flow: Strong flowing water
Preferred tank level: Bottom

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Static Fish, predatory and territorial. Since this is an animal that swims rarely, as it prefers to spend time resting on a rock or a coral waiting for a prey, can be easily grown in a relatively small tank, but full of hiding places. The aquarium should be equipped with a cover slid, since it can jump out. Preferably, it should be a reef aquarium with corals, as in nature it lives in such environment. Carnivorous, it eats well with small live fish or frozen food, good quality and varied: Cyclops, brine shrimp, chopped clams, mysis, shrimps, silversides, small pieces of fish and live fish are all appropriate foods. Territorial, should be brought up only one specimen bath since, especially if the animal is male, can be very aggressive towards other fish of their own species or to other Cirrhitidae, especially in small tanks with few hiding places. Can not be kept with fish or shrimp smaller, since it would feed. It does not cause problems for static invertebrates, and indeed should be raised in a reef aquarium. It is a protogynous transsexual, ie the smaller specimens are females and young, in the absence of males, the largest specimen spontaneously change sex. The reproduction has probably never been completed successfully in captivity, as provides for the issuance of planktonic eggs.

Information contributed by: Gruppo Acquariofilo Fiorentino


Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus
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The minimum size of the tanks shown are intended, depending on the species considered, for a single individual, a couple or the smaller group of individuals for schooling fish. Depending on fish temper, territoriality, or vivacity, breeding with other animals of the same species or different species may require larger tanks.
Pictures usually show adults. Depending on the age and sex, there may be significant variations in the color of the specimens.

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