FAQ frequently asked questions

Why this database?

There are many interesting fish data archives on the net, but here we are trying to do something new: a database with the most common aquarium fish, plants and invertebrates (and in the future we hope to add corals as well) with the main biological data and info specifically addressed to the aquarium keeper. We are also trying to bring this information to the place where they are most useful, the aquarium shop, thanks to our QRCode project.

Are the info in the database reliable?

We do our best to include accurate information. Most of the info are supplied from people who run fish tanks from years and spend most of their time learning about aquarium organisms. But of course we are not infallible, so if you note errors please feel free to contact us and let us know. Thanks for your help!

Can I link Fish Tank Lab database info from my site?

Yes! Feel free to link from your site any content in Fish Tank Lab site.

I run an aquarium shop. Can I link Fish Tank Lab database info from my site?

Yes, of course! Please feel free to link our contents, we are collecting them so that you can link and share them with your clients. And please don't forget to check out our QRCode project.

I run an aquarium shop, can you advertise my shop on your site?

We don't publish ads on Fish Tank Lab site, so that everyone can feel free to link to our pages, expecially aquarium shops. No aquarium shops will link to our pages if we show other aquarium shop ads! So we are sorry, but we will not publish your ads.

Is Fish Tank Lab owned by a company?

Yes, Fish Tank Lab is owned by MGShareware, an independent software vendor located in Italy. Fish Tank Lab was born because of the passion of MGShareware founder's family for aquariums and fish.