Fish QRCodes tag your tanks with fish qrcodes

Do you run a shop?

If you run an aquarium shop, you probably have many tanks with a number of different fish and plants in, and many clients will ask you info about them.
It is a time and energy consuming task!
You can use our database to search info about fish and plants: on each info page there is a 'print this data' button that allows you to print a compact info sheet.
Each printed page will contain main data about the fish (or plant/crostaceus/...). Hang one or more sheets near each one of your tanks, and your clients will be happy to find all the info they need. They will be more aware about the needs of the organisms they buy!

Best of all they will thank you for providing accurate info and advices.
For your more tech-aware clients, each info sheet also contains QRCode link to online info, readable by all the new smartphones (iPhones, iPads and Android,...).
See a sample of printable sheet.

If you think technology rules, you can also use the compact sheets with only fish name, image and QRCode, like the one in the following image.

If you like these compact sheets, feel free to download this PDF file with the most common aquarium fish. Print it on A4 paper format for best results. And don't forget to explore Fish Tank Lab database to find the organisms that are not included in the PDF.

Best of all, you can have all these goodies for free! Provide this info to you and your customers is part of our effort to promote a better knowledge of fishkeeping.