Epalzeorhynchos bicolor

Basic Info

Scientific Name: Epalzeorhynchos bicolor (Labeo bicolor)
Common Name: red tailed black shark
Type: Fresh water fish
Family: Cyprinidae
Origin: thailand
Max length: 12 cm
Tank minimum length: 120 cm
Temperature: 22 - 26 C
pH: 7 - 7.5
gH: 8 - 12
Water flow: Medium flowing water
Preferred tank level: Bottom-Middle


Towards their own species this fish is very aggressive. You should keep them alone. Towards other species young fishes are peaceful but when they get older they become aggressive towards all fishes. The aquarium should be set up with stones and driftwood and the substrate should be fine sand. Hard plants can be used to make a territory. They are omnivorous, but is is important to give them regularly vegetable food like spinach and algae. Breeding is almost impossible, because the great aggression between each other. Most of them are bred in large ponds in Thailand.

Source: http://aquavisie.retry.org/Database/Aquariumfish/Aquariumfish.html

Information contributed by: Fish Tank Lab Staff (http://www.mgshareware.com)


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